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About Erica Priscilla

Erica Priscilla Sandoval, LCSW, SIFI is an award-winning mental health practitioner, speaker, spiritual healer, podcaster, advocate, and four-time published author of Latinx/e in Social Work, available in both English and Spanish. She is the founder and CEO of Sandoval Psychotherapy Consultation – known as Sandoval CoLab – where she oversees a team of therapists and leads diversity, equity, and inclusion work for nonprofits, universities, healthcare facilities, and corporations. Sandoval is also trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP), a breakthrough approach to an awakened mind and healing trauma and depression. She is dedicated to bringing KAP and other holistic methods of healing to communities disproportionately affected by trauma. 


Sandoval founded Latinx/e in Social Work to cultivate community among Latinx/e social workers and build a more diverse pipeline of future social workers. The collective’s two anthologies of essays and companion journal have been received with critical acclaim, winning honorable mention at the 24th annual International Latino Book and Film Awards and reaching number one in Amazon’s Psychology and Social Work New Release categories.

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In 2020, Sandoval became the first immigrant Latina president of the National Association of Social Workers’ New York City chapter and is now the chapter’s President Emeritus. Sandoval is a philanthropist and a donor to the Latino Social Work Coalition and Scholarship Fund, NYU Silver School’s Latinx Social Work Student Organization, and many other causes. She was recognized as the 2023 Today’s Inspired Latina of the Year by Fig Factor Media and as a Latino Leader on the Radar by Latino Leaders in Action. 


She holds an associate’s degree from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, a bachelor’s degree from Baruch College, and a master’s in social work from the New York University Silver School of Social Work. Sandoval also holds a post-master’s certificate in clinical practice with adolescents and belongs to the National Board of the Council on Social Work Education. Sandoval presented for the Trauma Research Foundation and has been trained at the Ketamine Training Center by Dr. Ron Siegel, Dr. Phil Wolfson, Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., and Licia Sky, co-founder and CEO of the Trauma Research Foundation.


Sandoval has spent many years working in the non-profit sector; Make-A-Wish and Charla de Lupus at Hospital for Special Surgery have been the sectors where she has grown and learned the most. As a proud immigrant from Ecuador, her passion is fueled by supporting the community she is a part of and their children. Her greatest pride is being a single mother and raising her 22-year-old daughter, Isabella, whom she considers her biggest teacher. 


Sandoval training in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) helps eligible clients experience more frequent breakthroughs and sustained improvement in mental health challenges. Ketamine induces a heart-opening psychedelic journey that, when matched with therapy, is shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, allowing for an awakened mind and an integrated soul. 


Sandoval KAP sessions with clients are informed by indigenous plant medicine traditions that have been used in ceremonies to support community healing and help us change in the way we think for centuries. Though not a plant medicine, ketamine provides a psychedelic healing journey that offers an opportunity to push the mute button of your ego and listen to your soul. Sandoval approaches KAP as a way for clients to return to their roots and find healing by understanding their emotional distress in a safe environment. 


History has shown us that it can take about 20 years for a novel treatment to reach marginalized communities, but Sandoval is committed to bringing KAP to those who need it most. She hosts KAP retreats and community healing circles at accessible price points, ensuring that women, Latinx/e people, and other communities can benefit from the psychedelic’s transformational power. In addition to KAP, Sandoval leads ritual and holistic open heart practices that connect clients to indigenous healing traditions, drawing on ancestral wisdom. 


“I have done my own healing work, and it has been a life changer, and now I want to make this accessible to my community to help in breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma.”

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Core Values

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Big Goals 

To guide and support individuals and organizations in their wellness journey


Raise awareness and psychoeducate communities on the importance of owning their own healing journey


Creating and providing safe, nurturing and holistic healing spaces


Awards and Recognition


Erica Priscilla was recognized by Prospanica-NY with the 2021 Top Latinx Leaders, Social Justice award, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave Erica Priscilla the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Innovation award. She was a contributing author to Today’s Inspired Latina Volume X, and Latinx/e in Social Work received honorable mention at the 24th annual International Latino Book and Film Awards.


In 2020, Erica Priscilla became the first immigrant Latina president of the National Association of Social Workers’ New York City chapter and is now the chapter’s President Emeritus Erica Priscilla was most recently recognized as a Latino Leader on the radar by Latino Leaders in Action.


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